Avery Brooks poured his heart out in song

  • Avery Brooks poured his heart out in song to improvised melody. Then Shatner butt in waaaay off key, puffy faced and serious

  • he looked around. Suddenly, he blurted out that the technology used to create the transparent aluminum had been stolen by some half-witted, earth-bound humans from the future.

  • There was a gasp from the assembled menagerie. "You cretin", intoned The sentient poriferan. If the humans discovered the basis for our cloaking technology, the invasion must be

  • halted. The humans would only screw everything up in this tenuous coup we've been working for. The rest of the menagerie nodded to the anthropomorphic sponges and departed the

  • Theatre so fast that matching bookends followed and all the books tumbled onto the floor and spilled the Scyllic alphabet onto the world map. The reconfigured globules of language.

  • become perverse the only words this language could be used to spell were either dirty, angry, or unknown. Thus perversionangrilese was born and almost no one to escape it's spread.

  • The final straw came when the Oxford English dictionary added the word supercalifuckaliciousexpialadammit. It was the lead story on sixty minutes that week.

  • The term 'slow news week' gets bandied about but in truth there are real issues that investigative journalists could be covering. To keep the population ignorant of important

  • offenses taken by the president-elect is an offense in itself. But enough of that, let's talk about the role of sock puppets in the American landscape.

  • Americans throw away more than one sock puppet every four years. Their carcass's litter the mean streets of Rectitude, a Pence owned mine operated by slaves.



  1. Woab Nov 23 2016 @ 10:57

    Finally ended after five years.

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