What is the sound of one hand clapping? It's

  • What is the sound of one hand clapping? It's going to sound a lot like one hand slapping you along side the head if you don't knock it off and tell me what the secret of life is.

  • Okay, okay! Here - have some peanuts and a pint, and I'll tell you. Just quit slapping me! It's 42. But don't panic. I know how to

  • get to the Tube station before he can find us. There is an underpass just round the corner where a couple of tramps hang out. They smell of urine and special brew but don't speak.

  • Following the instructions, He walked to the hoboes and took a big whiff. Yep, this was place. The mute derelicts offered booze. He declined and waited for his contact to arrive.

  • A shopping cart rattled up. The wheels had spinners(!)--this must be his contact. She stepped from behind the cart, spit some juice from her chew in his general direction and said

  • "There's a special on vlasic dill spears in aisle six. Here are the coupons." She handed him the bar coded instructions for Operation Pickle, turned on her heels & left.

  • She slammed into a couple who were on Operation Sauer Kraut. She was on Operation Pickle. Her father said hit first, ask questions later. She swung a giant

  • water balloon filled with vinegar, garlic gloves, and allspice berries and busted it all over the Germans, pickling them instantly. But their daughter rose up and hurled a cabbage

  • soaked in mede and laced with nutmeg, then carefully spiked with cloves. I could not believe at which speed it came at us, considering the fragile figure of the Germans' daughter

  • lead me to believe she could not throw the stein so hard so fast so far and so accurately! I caught it and chugged the entire concoction, felling sick but triumphant!



  1. Chaz Dec 22 2011 @ 12:52

    This story made me smile at every fold. Bravo!

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