Miss Shanghai swung her dainty arm and broke

  • Miss Shanghai swung her dainty arm and broke the champagne bottle on the bow of Titanic II and it slid gracefully into the harbor accompanied by fireworks. On its maiden voyage to

  • Ohio. It was a magical night. On the 4th night at sea, during a Grand Ball, a few passengers fell ill to a mysterious curse. They believed that Titanic II was alive and headed to

  • ward a fatal encounter w/ the Maelstrom. The only way to stop Titanic II from hurling herself into the abyss was by human sacrifice believe the cursed passengers. So began the

  • search. It was a pleasant party in the dining room as the Titanic 2's Captain brought out the sacrificial knife and requested a volunteer from the audience. The Maelstrom surged in

  • through a window that had been inadvertently left open. The cloud and rain transformed into a hand that snatched the Captain and dragged him overboard. That's when we decided

  • to go swim, adn swim until some ship saw him

  • and swerved around him, for fear that 90% of his girth was hidden underwater. His shoulders were starting to peel from the sunburn, and the salt water only worsened the problem. J

  • ames bobbed helplessly, part from exhaustion, part from shame. Both equally tiring. Lack of confidence was taking it's toll. "White Whale" was original, but as he looked at his red

  • platypus he realized the artist was a genius. He was making abstract art out of live animals. He heard a scream. The Polka Dot Zebra piece had totally

  • engaged in a Tennessee triangle with the Himalayan yak wheelbarrow and the neon Boston terrier. Most either fainted or puked, but a select few decided it was totally fab.



  1. 49erFaithful Jun 01 2012 @ 18:27

    I've got 8x10 glossies for order if you're one of the select few.

  2. SlimWhitman Jun 02 2012 @ 05:40

    Taken by Grandpapa Razzi's nephew Moxie no doubt.

  3. 49erFaithful Jun 02 2012 @ 12:31

    I can neither confirm nor disconfirm the veracity of your stated assumption. But if they were signed by Moxie would they be worth more to you?

  4. TheRustyNun Jun 03 2012 @ 20:47


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