Henry, Emma, Liam, Larry, Olivia, Simon,

  • Henry, Emma, Liam, Larry, Olivia, Simon, Lola, Isabel, Mary, Will, Hillary, Isaac, Terry. My office, now.

  • Henry, Emma, Liam, Larry, Olivia, Lola, Isabel, Mary, Will & Hillary showed up promptly sitting in the boardroom chairs waiting attentively. "Where the hell's Terry?" I bellowed

  • . Henry and Emma shuffled their feet nervously while Liam, Larry, Olivia, Lola, Isabel, Mary, and Hillary avoided my gaze. Finally Will squeaked, "Terry couldn't come because he's

  • not allowed to hang out with you anymore. "So?" I asked angrily, forcing all 9 of them to look me in the eye. "So" Lola snapped, "we're not going to either!" "What?" I was hurt and

  • damaged, I looked at lola then the 9 of them, lola didn't know I was inlove with her. how could I confess I was homosexual, they would put in in the electric chair if they did know

  • Oh... well... who am I kidding... I don't need to worry about that... I LOVE HER... I am a guy at heart so it doesn't matter.

  • I pulled up some dandelions. She'll like these, she likes flowers. Maybe if turned my shirt inside out it won't smell so bad. I was ready to make amends.

  • She'll surely take me back this time. After making a few adjustments to my appearance, I walked to her room and knocked. But when she opened the door, there was another man with

  • her. Not just any man. It was her father. He was waiting for me. He held a shotgun. "Get ready, boy..." He pointed the gun at me while she adjusted her veil. "Uh, sir..." I stammer

  • , but it was too late. Blood rushed down the aisle, the bride screamed and the story was all over the news. I was rushed to hospital but now I must die; he did me a favour.



  1. SlimWhitman May 17 2015 @ 05:20

    Not the usual ending of a "Shotgun wedding". Only other similar story I found was this: http://foldingstory.com/0bpy8/

  2. Spacey May 18 2015 @ 14:06

    Isaac and Simon's disappearances went unremarked on...guess that Terry must have been something special.

  3. Perronicus May 19 2015 @ 15:24

    If only 'office' began with an 'a', and there aren't really any synonyms. Alas!

  4. Perronicus Jun 09 2015 @ 12:02

    I don't think anyone noticed, but my fold spelled out a message! If you take the first letter of each word you'll see. And the 'O' in office, should be an 'A', but I preferred office to anything I could think of beginning with 'A'.. :D

  5. SlimWhitman Jun 09 2015 @ 12:23

    Haha. It's funny, just yesterday I was thinking I should check whether the first letters make a message. But then I forgot about it again. Thanks Perronicus!

  6. SlimWhitman Jun 09 2015 @ 16:05

    Sly Simon seems to have skipped the meeting undetected.

  7. Perronicus Jun 09 2015 @ 16:07

    And Isaac.. As @Spacey said "Terry must have been something special."

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