She was very appreciative of my services

  • She was very appreciative of my services and promised to cure me of my Coulrophobia. She told me that we needed to steal the emperor's first child

  • so we sat under a baobab tree waiting for the emperor to have a child. She chased off the roaming clowns, I provided her with services & we made a meager living selling betel nuts.

  • After many years, the emperor's child came to visit us in the shade of the baobab tree. He bought some betel nuts from us and told us of how the roaming clowns had overtaken the

  • town of Benn Lethle, just a mile west of the capitol. "At night we can hear honking" the prince said with a shudder. "Our walls are strong and our pies are fresh, but I'm not sure

  • if we can tolerate the stench of goose poop on our capitals lawns. Chase them away!" he ordered his guards. They ran around chasing the geese who out ran them and took offense at t

  • heir attempts to bribe the geese with soggy bread. The gaggle of geese watched the guards warily with beady, malicious eyes, as if they were daring the men to come closer.

  • The geese shrieked like wildfire. Still holding the soggy bread in his hands, he stared. The guards held their ground as thousands of geese charged forward

  • , knocking over the guards like tiny dominoes. Their futile attempts to swipe at the geese did not go unnoticed. It only seemed to agitate them more. People gathered up in a circle

  • to surround the guards and expressed their support of the geese with stern faces and insipid chants. But the geese attacked the guards and supporters alike, littering the park with

  • body parts and torn signs. Soon, everyone had run to safety, leaving only the geese behind. If anyone crept back in the park the geese attacked. They had won. The park was theirs.



  1. BlastedHeath Jul 17 2018 @ 20:47

    Winner winner, chicken dinner! (no geese on this menu)

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