"Wow, what's THIS?" The taste tester's eyes

  • "Wow, what's THIS?" The taste tester's eyes lit up as he took another bite. Product developers at McDonald's knew they had a hit on their hands when they created the Tripe Burger.

  • "It's the stomach of several different animals so of which are now extinct. This will mean the Tripe Burger will only be available for a limited time" said the CEO of McDonald's

  • . Grimace slapped the CEO. It was so loud everyone in the room looked away. "No hear this you pink monkeys, no more stupidity. I'm the head purple blob in charge!" A hostile

  • Reaction ensued. Grimace was a creature with three heads, three mouths, six eyes and ears as well as three hands. The head purple blob had less to defend himself with. It was a

  • figment of my imagination. Grimace was actually a tubby and easy to please purple tuber and probably golddigging would pay off. This is what Mrs. Potato thought when she

  • hitched her stars to his. She also put out her shingle as an Escort but doing so. It was as we had expected. It was just so sad for Mrs. Potato to find out she sucks at being kept.

  • "Mr. Potato just treats me like an object," she wept through her wart-like eyes, "so I might as well be a Ford Escort. Vroom, vroom," she added bitterly. Mr. Potato was only too

  • happy to boot her out of the overpriced, health-violating, dusty and slimy apartment that had been her home for the last 199 months. "And good riddance!" Mr.Potato called after her

  • before burning some sage. Mr. Potato could go back to ramen and bone broth. Today was special, though. The packet of sarcophagus broth had arrived just before the final blood moon.

  • Mr. Potato emptied the powder into a human skull and added boiling water. "This will complete the ritual," he muttered to himself. However, he hadn't accounted for the eye sockets.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 23 2018 @ 15:59

    LOLed esp. at the teamwork of the last 4 folders. a tripe-le morbid, but I am still chuckling about the eye sockets.

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