Last night I dreamt I was onstage singing

  • Last night I dreamt I was onstage singing with Bennie and The Jets, Squawkers was in the rafters periodically bombing me with bird poop, Det. Manatee heckled me from the audience

  • which was something because it was a pre-recorded laugh track. How Det. Manatee managed to heckle me through the laugh track was anyone's guess. But Squawkers had flop sweat real

  • Plastery and Nona knew about it. The sea monkeys were studiously listening to the podcast on the Seamonkey channel. Det. Manatee soaked it all in while listening to conversations.

  • Just then Jenkins the Leprechaun came around the corner with the Head of St. John the Baptist. Jenkins saw Nona & Manatee & his eye went straight to the sky in search of Squawkers.

  • "Hurry! Take it! Before Det. Manatee sees!" Jenkins cried, holding John's head aloft in his tiny little Leprechaun hands. Squawkers swooped down and nabbed the head elegantly.

  • "No no no! We need to cream that brain before they send it to the NSA. Not that we are merely complicated automatons with easily decoded mRNA memories, but still."

  • So cream the brain they did. It turned out like a pinkish bread pudding. They couldn't resist one bite, then two. Before they knew it, the bowl of brain was licked clean. "Oh no!"

  • fretted Mother, "I shall have to make another pan of brain before Father gets home. You know how cranky he gets when he comes home to no brain!" So she shooed the naughty kids from

  • the room & back into the cellar. Working quickly Mother cut a circle from a sheet of tin & formed it into a pan. She'd just begun the spell to create a brain when Father came home!

  • "Intervention!" we all exclaimed. Mother then lifted her creation:"This is your brain." She dropped it in the sizzling pan:"This is your brain on drugs." Father wept & began rehab.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 30 2019 @ 15:56

    Great twist(ed) (to the) Ending, IceSquad and what a strange dream, m80!

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