According to the manual, it was very important

  • According to the manual, it was very important to place the mattress on the slats evenly; but where were the instructions on what to do if you caught your wife being a whore on it

  • with the cast of Dancing With the Stars. No, nothing could prepare you for

  • Bristol Palin. She was bloated, connected and wore pancake make up. It was like someone smeared silly putty across her face and then stung her with bees. Her mom got on the

  • organ and patently refused to get off of it until she finished. Todd wouldn't allow her such pleasures when together, but now that Sarah was on that large Wurlitzer,

  • there was no stopping the sweet sound of music from her fingertips. Who was this guy anyway, and who does he think he is, standing in the way of such magnificence? If only

  • she could pop his head at a mere glance and be rid of him once and for all. Things would be so much simpler. Or maybe if she could turn him into

  • a civil engineer, after all. The possibilities were endless. But enough of that; back to serious business. First, she would have to scan

  • the tiny little bridges that were made by the rat-aliens. The detail was extraordinary, filled with emotion

  • from the books that inspired them. (Rats are construction plagarists). He ran toward the small covered bridge labeled Madison County. The cloying sweet air was suffocating as he

  • abhorred schmaltz and found himself absolutely drenched in it. How did I end up here? Where did I go wrong? he thought to himself. In response, the story began anew. Act 1 Scene 1.



  1. SlimWhitman Mar 19 2011 @ 13:22

    This surely deserved more than 0 points, so I helped it along.

  2. 49erFaithful Mar 19 2011 @ 14:46

    Thanks Slim! 'Preciate it!

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