It wasn't my intention to break my leg on

  • It wasn't my intention to break my leg on my wedding day. It was just convenient that it happened when I decided I no longer wanted to marry her.

  • I had been walking up the stairs, thinking about all the reasons why staying with Ann would be bad. I didn't see the cat in my path, and I tripped, head first, down the stairs.

  • After falling on my head, I died. My spirit left my body and I hovered for a while. Well, now at least I wouldn't have to stay with Ann. I decided to stick around the house.

  • I hung around the kitchen window and stared inside. Ann and her husband were standing by the counter, smiling and laughing and leaning on each other as they sipped glasses of wine.

  • I brought my face closer to the window until my cheeks were pressed hard against the glass. I wondered how long I could keep this peeping tom habit of mine up before the neighborho

  • rs got tired of it. Oh, they knew I was a peeping tom, alright. Some of them even enjoyed it. I have to admit, however, that peeping is getting a bit dull. I need to up the ante.

  • Maybe I should get a little active.... I don't know, have a bit of fun. Just looking at people isn't enough fun... Or maybe I could use a camera to get some pics.

  • Technology hadn't stood still for the past few years. If I could get a hold of a camera with a lens big enough to

  • Include all the passers by and scan their irises, I could work for the CIA. Or the NSA. But would they hire someone with little computer experience? My cats were better than me at

  • coding, and would probably make better spies. I pushed that though out of my head until midway through my interview, when I finally realized it was my cats they wanted after all.



  1. Magic May 02 2016 @ 21:41

    I like this one! Too bad not many people voted.

  2. xxkahloxx May 03 2016 @ 02:04

    Despite my random typo, I like this one too. Everyone made a sort of reasonable fold- but it all came together pretty wildly.

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