Knowing how my dog would take a sniff at

  • Knowing how my dog would take a sniff at something & lose interest soon thereafter I was initially skeptical when Skeeter began practicing Yoga. The Downward Dog pose was easy, but

  • then he transitioned into some Cobra, and all of sudden started doing Warrior and Tree. Pretty soon Skeeter was doing sun salutations and barking Namaste at the mailman.

  • Skeeter than changed his name to Shri Lambada Dink Donk Dank Boinkgatha, the Third. He was now a born again Hindu. He wanted to travel to India so he planned a bake sale.

  • The laddu and halwa sold like hotcakes. Shri Lambada Dink Donk Dank Boinkgath, formerly known as Skeeter Punkineater, decided to postpone the trip and open his own cafe.

  • Skeeter Punkineater's cafe catered to former members of nursery rhymes long forgotten. They came from miles and pages away. The secret ingredient that called them was

  • the wish to be remembered. Punkineater's cafe offered to tell their forgotten stories in exchange for payment for their meal. Then, maybe, their rhymes could be rhymed once more.

  • The stories they chose to share, however, did stir an argument around the clean table at Punkineater's cafe. The patrons knew

  • The orangemen were stone deaf so the earplugs were passed around. This way the orangemen could be politely ignored. They were orange from head to toe, "humanoid mutts". The waiters

  • unaccustomed to having to wait to wait upon Waite, witnessed to the wretched woman of Wales who were weathered and wishy washy with withering witticisms when wearing witch's wigs

  • Behind the beaver barrier, the beavers beveled bed of brush and books, balancing on a bellowing brown bear…broke badly. Brightly I bask on Butter Beach, begging for beef and beans.



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