My tweed waterbed is the centrepiece of my

  • My tweed waterbed is the centrepiece of my boudoir. I use it to seduce outdoor types such as gamekeepers, assistant gamekeepers, gamekeepers mates and environmentalists. Rough twee

  • d chafes, but rugged outdoor types regard their tweed burned bums as a badge of honor. In fact I keep a basket of cockles & fresh nettle leaves by my tweed waterbeds side table

  • to deal with the constant rashes. I can tell that I'm doing the right thing because the crystal that my soul doctor has me rub is staying the right shade of pink. Of course I don't

  • know why Dr. Goodfeel sold me the same exact kit last month as a pregnancy test, but I trust his homeopathic expertise enough to fork over the $500 each time without whining. Also,

  • he told me I could use it to purify drinking water. And cook pizza. And make shrinky-dink keychains! I wasn't sure if that made it worth $500, but I still needed a pregnancy test,

  • or a new pair of running shoes to out run my parents if the found out that I was knocked up, again. It would help if I wasn't addicted to Professor Drinkingstein's hypnotherapy. He

  • had a voice like cognac and I could drink it in all night. I guess that's how I would up pregnant in the first place. But now that I'm a girl in trouble Dr. Drinkingstein has left

  • His business card next to the glogg. I made an appointment for next week, the earliest date. By then, I am supposed to have polished off half the glogg. Shark Lady stopped by too.

  • She brought sad news about the Land Sharks. They had finally retreated, completely, to the Western Oceans and the beach front lifestyle. The price of glogg was expected to follow

  • the Mulled Wine decline: almonds and raisin prices were sky-high all over, but especially at the Western Oceans Beach Front, but the Land Sharks didn’t care: they hated glogg.



  1. 49erFaithful Mar 10 2017 @ 08:56

    Dr. Goodfeel Drinkingstein will see you now.

  2. Rebbie Mar 10 2017 @ 13:49

    Yes Doctor, I know but, shagging all those rugged manly men in my tweed waterbed did nothing it was your Cognac voice and $500.00 herbal glogg that got us here today. Don't worry my dad only owns a 45 colt pistol.

  3. lucielucie Mar 11 2017 @ 04:13

    http://foldingstory.com/jvyxy/ ...

  4. jaw2ek Mar 25 2017 @ 09:53

    Hollistic medecine always goes down better with cognac.

  5. Woab Mar 27 2017 @ 17:01

    120 score on this one! Wow!

  6. SlimWhitman Mar 27 2017 @ 17:04

    What Dr. Feelgood Drinkingstein promises, he delivers!

  7. LordVacuity Apr 02 2017 @ 23:05

    Take your socks off on your 33rd foot there Woab; right now it is 161.

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