Whats to say? I was homeless. I got offered

  • Whats to say? I was homeless. I got offered a job doing medical experiments. It involved zombies. I did some stuff and I am here now and they ain't. That is all I can say about it.

  • I didn't give the story to the media for it to be about me. The story is about the experiments the government and some others are conducting on zombies. I had to kill that many to

  • realize one of those zombies might be my Nana or my Pappi. They were all somebody's baby. Just because they had lost their humanity didn't mean I had to lose mine. This story is im

  • -printed in the consciousness of every survivor in this wasteland. We've all lost someone. And we're all just trying to trudge on. I lowered my rifle previously trained on the zomb

  • And considered that we could work together to ensure our mutual future. I've been thinking about this for some time, a resistance movement against those in power who Pit us agains

  • -t each other for their sheer enjoyment. Like the roman Colosseums, we are forced to do battle to the death. Honor and praise is given to the victors, a quick death to those less f

  • -undamental in their Roman religious beliefs. Flatulus was a coward and pretended to be dead even though he had only been grazed. Nonreligious maidens bathed his wound and sent

  • a message on the wind to his sister, Princess Gassiopeia. She breezed by them and floated to the scene. "You call that 'grazed'? Horse-feathers, Flatulus," she laughed. He rose

  • To his feetcand, "Did I just fart? So sorry, my dear." Too many Mexican jumping beans make the bravest man flatulent, the Princess reminded her red haired leprechaun lover.

  • And the Princess and the leprechaun got married, and had hundreds of half-human, half-leprechaun children. And then the Princess died and the leprechaun lived forever. By himself.



  1. Woab Aug 14 2017 @ 14:54

    Foldmeonce, your fold had me gassping for air!

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