Grape. Orange. Orange. Durian. Mango. Orange.

  • Grape. Orange. Orange. Durian. Mango. Orange. Radish. Nutmeg. Iceplant. Nutmeg. Grape. Jojoba. Iceplant. Mango. Yam. Orange. Uplandcress. Radish. Mango. Iceplant. Squash. Squash.

  • And those were all of the fruits that I found in that desert island I mean. Why squash?

  • squash is gross, all off that is gross ill rather have cupcakes, cookies, pies, candy, yum now thats sounds great better than squash, squash is gross

  • Why would someone even think to sever anyone squash? Such a non tasteful vegetable that I have no interest in eating. Just give me the good stuff and that'll make my night!

  • The only thing squash was ever good for was for getting into excellent food fights. But being of age, I'd abandoned the art of food fighting over the years.

  • "run up and get done up" was my life long quote and passion.

  • I was going to get to my lifelong passion tomorrow. First I

  • got some top from this purtican mommy

  • Only it wasn't a mommy but a daddy wearing a mommy suit so the confusion is understandable. Outside the gulls glide past in the high wind that snaps the sheets on the clothesline.

  • And the clotheslines too. One line dangled too low and ensnared the daddy. The gulls pecked off his mommysuit and it was plain for all to see his real identity.



  1. KieferSkunk Feb 04 2015 @ 02:46

    Just in case you're curious about my opening line, I was hoping the person after me would pick up on my fruit code. It reads "GOOD MORNING JIM. YOUR MISS-". Of course, going for a Mission: Impossible beginning. :)

  2. AndrewB73 Feb 04 2015 @ 11:47

    Huh, I never even noticed that.

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