Yo that infamous woods poet is back in your

  • Yo that infamous woods poet is back in your earhole. I serve game in forested areas with lyrics like 'yo squirrel, suck on deez nuts!' and 'c'mere bunny rabbit, take a nibble

  • outta my carrot!' The kids love my raps, hell, I'm #1 in the iTunes charts for woodland lyricists. But enough of that, you came to hear a bit of my hit song "Awesome Possum".

  • "I go Pogo like you've never seen. I play dead while making the scene. I hang upside down as a matter choice. You can't mess with me cuz I rock the voice. Word to ya Blood Hounds."

  • The rap battle raged. I shouted, "Your rhymes are as corny as my shit." But this wasn't West Virginia - this was the ghetto. So I just said "Yo" a lot and made gang signs.

  • Which got me into the Asian crowd real easily. Then I started eating their weird snacks and making

  • time pass by playing Star Fox on my handheld. It was really time-consuming, replaying stages for achievements, but the only other escape was FoldingStory in between bouts. Back to

  • Star Fox, just to beat the boredom, since FoldingStory was way too much of an intellectual challenge now. Of course I tried Wordfraude, but I soon got bored by the 72-hour time lim

  • it. I couldn’t help thinking, if Folding Story had a 72 hour time limit maybe*I* could be breathing down Chaz’s neck on the Leaderboard (or 49erFaithful’s, depending on the week).

  • So in my off hours at CERN,I began work on a time dilation machine powered by a steady stream of mini black holes I siphoned from the accelerator. Soon the FoldingStory timelimit

  • expired, taking away my 4 minutes of awesome story endings. I had just wrote the solution to long work hours in my own device. As someone steals my last lines, I go home.



  1. 49erFaithful Dec 12 2011 @ 15:48

    I distinctly remember posting that fold at a rest stop off of Hwy 395 on the way to the eastern Sierras. Not sure why that stuck, but it's a fun memory.

  2. murielschipp Dec 12 2011 @ 19:23

    You where driving through the woods listening to hiphop music on the radio?

  3. 49erFaithful Dec 12 2011 @ 19:28

    Probably Tupac... LOL

  4. buddyboy4711 Dec 12 2011 @ 20:41

    Hundred Acre Wood? Hundred Acre Hood.

  5. Chaz Dec 12 2011 @ 21:56

    "If you go into the woods today, you're sure for a big surprise..." - Teddy Bear's Picnic

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