There is one story about the Buddha that

  • There is one story about the Buddha that not many people know. It was the time that Buddha appeared before the three stooges on the set of The Captain Hates the Sea. Curly was

  • nowhere to be found, so Buddha decided to go look for him. He stepped out of the studio and the first thing he saw was

  • the anal beads he borrowed from his boss. Reminding himself to run them through the dishwasher again with Cascade Complete. He asked a stranger for a toothpick in order to dislodge

  • Santorum. It was time to make a clean sweep of the stain Santorum left on the globes. My fundamental strategy was

  • flawed. I was going to have to rethink. Those globes needed a polish. The new Harry Baals convention center deserved better. Next time we should use globes made of

  • purest gold, mined in secret delvings in the jungles of darkest Peru. Oh, it would be expensive, but the fund was, after all, set up for just such an occasion, when we would need

  • a chubby preteen to type "poop titty butmunch ashol" on internet chatrooms everywhere. "FUKlol" he typed while we delved through peruvian jungles to find that heroic brigadier,

  • Lt. Col. John Dykeson. John had long been suspected dead after a 6 week medical supply drop-off had turned into a 4 year hiatus with no contact. But we'd never given up hope. And n

  • ow the supposedly dearly departed Lt. Col. John Dykeson turned up at his wife Charlie's marriage to his best buddy Maj.Reginald Forbes Chesterton III. Charlie's sex change confused

  • Dykeson's own sexual-identity. He wanted them both, and both of them he shall have. He'd always coveted his transvestite, swinger, pistol in pussy fetish fantasies. Until now dope



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