"Now look, you normative nellies! I'm fed

  • "Now look, you normative nellies! I'm fed up with your constipated attempts at control. If you want to go around all day twisted up in pigeon script, that's fine with me. But

  • A shotgun blast erupted. All that was left was a ragged, bloody, sucking chest hole. Some shit still moved inside. Smoke curled from the barrel in the manicured hands of a large

  • overweight swedish woman. She smiled and then broke into laughter. Another one down she though. Soon I will have all the little debbie cakes I want and then

  • I'll be the biggest Debbie! She unwrapped another cream-filled chocolate cake and crammed the entire thing in her mouth. But, just as her teeth sunk in, a bee flew up her nose and

  • somehow negotiated her sinuses to sting her on her medula oblongata. (I know that's impossible, shut up) It is a little known fact that when you are stung on the brainstem you

  • dream about brainstems, but rainbow ones riding unicorns and singing lullabys and making taffy. That's when one would wake up because the taffy tasted like

  • pink lemonade bubblegum cupcakes and no one can remain in REM state with THAT taste on the tongue, even if it's just in one's mind. Scientists are still trying to figure out how to

  • make every individual remember one dreams but it seems to be a fool-hardy endeavor. No one mind is the same in its composition and no one tactic can be utilized. Take a look at

  • this folding story. One persons humor is another persons obscenity. One writers poetry is another's nonsense. Then there are the ones who try to please everyone, but the worst are

  • The Breakers, an ornery bunch of no-gooders who think it's funny to pass on just three words. Beware, Foldbreakers, I will haunt you and make you wish you paid attention in school!



  1. sundancer Feb 20 2012 @ 22:19

    Love the ending!!! :-)

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