Papa Smurf had fallen in love, I mean summer

  • Papa Smurf had fallen in love, I mean summer camp level "in love" with Red Riding Hood when she came skipping through the forest. She'd smashed his mushroom house but

  • Papa Smurf couldn't help be charmed by her red cape, her laughing blue eyes -- and her legendary handling of wolves. Right. There *was* that. Perhaps he should be careful when

  • offering her a drink of berry wine. "So Hoodie, How's your Grandmother these days?" She picked him up by his beard and looked into his tiny blue face. "If you want a date, family

  • will be happy for a quiet evening on the cheap at home." He reasoned he needn't offer her anymore wine. She released his beard and the smurf dropped to the ground. She wouldn't

  • Get arrested for that again! She remembered the news story like it was yesterday 'PapaSmurf IDs the mushroom picker' it was horrifying. 12 steps didn't help, books and meetings eit

  • her were too boring or distracting. Many problems stemmed from that mushroom addiction, but it was just way too enjoyable being known as the "fungi", the party animal.

  • The problem worsened when she met Fun Gus, another shroom-addicted party animal. They enabled each other horribly, but they were known as the exciting, passionate power couple, so

  • she thought she'd better run and hide, and wait for her mind to become clearer.

  • She hid, and the mists of her mind cleared. But eventually they found her and said "You can run, but you can't hide." So she leapt up and ran. She ran so fast that she

  • broke the sound barrier and entered a different dimension. They were wrong. She could hide here forever if she needed to.



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