Get out of my face Sabu, can't you see I

  • Get out of my face Sabu, can't you see I have

  • a herpes outbreak going on...right HERE?" Raj pointed to the corner of his mouth. Sabu pulled up his pants, disappointed. "But it's just been so long!" Sabu whined. Raj wanted to

  • smack the &^%) out of Sabu--after all it was Sabu who had given this nasty virus to him. But instead he looked deep into Sabu's eyes, inwardly forgave him, and pressed his lips int

  • O the fish waiting from him on the plate. The fish was well smoked and seasoned with curry.

  • Too bad he was nauseous and it seemed to be winking at him in a come hither kind of way. He knew what he had to do. He picked up his knife and

  • cut it off. Like a MAN! He didn't need it anymore. The scar would prove it for him. That is what he told everybody but the truth was he thought it had been a succubus & he hated th

  • the way their kind had been portrayed on the Internet with both sets of genitalia. He donated to the Demon Anti-Defamation League, even though demons don't actually exist.

  • And for that matter, neither did their genitalia. But he was the kind of guy that loved a lost cause, and it didn't help that he was rather a pushover. The Save the Lasagna League

  • had spent their dues on hall rental, so they took the bus downtown. They had to contend with the Brotherhood of Manspreaders, who quietly interlocked their legs. The Lasagna League

  • continued eating lasagna as the bus rolled up a hill and the man spreaders managed to take up entire rows. To solve this they threw more lasagna in between their legs.



  1. LordVacuity Jan 10 2019 @ 20:18

    Now I want lasagna, but not between my legs.

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