In Bob's back yard, night fell later in summer,

  • In Bob's back yard, night fell later in summer, but when it fell you couldn't even see the starless sky. Bob sensed something being silent, something that knew he was listening

  • . He'd felt it before and always went back inside. But this night, Bob grabbed a flashlight and headed into the rows of wheat. They were tall, almost ready to harvest. It was quiet

  • The ears of wheat seemed to be listening. He sat among the stalks gently swaying in the moonlight and began to tell what had he had done. "I never meant no harm, but

  • her kisses were so sweet & I wanted her so much. Now she's working shifts at the fruit packing plant & blames me for everything." The wheat looked a bit bored so he added, "I got h

  • er some buckwheat for company. Buckwheat is gluten free and she must avoid gluten. They got along well. The bulk department became the centre of social interaction after that."

  • She realized that she had no interest in eating right then and decided to take a walk around the building to see what other departments she could turn around.

  • When she entered the next pod over she discovered it housed the Department of Lost Things. She announced herself to the management but they wouldn't come out of their cubicles. She

  • wondered if she came too early. The management was always quite active. Even when the aliens came, management did not waste a moment taking care of the situation. But now

  • there was no one left to manage anything. She checked her wristwatch. No, she was perfectly punctual, as usual. Yet there was no one at the office, and therefore no management.

  • She made some coffee and put her feet up on the desk before she realized that she had no reflection in the mirror. Turns out she was late, after all. As late as one can get.



  1. Woab Nov 13 2018 @ 16:48

    Oh Bob, Bob... what have you done?!

  2. LordVacuity Nov 13 2018 @ 22:10

    Bob must be in pod management. Heard he was getting a visit from a department turner and he went full gluten cold turkey. Now he can't leave his cubicle without some wheat in his pocket and some chaff in his other pocket.

  3. 49erFaithful Nov 28 2018 @ 08:26

    Someone get M Knight Shyamalan on the horn!

  4. LordVacuity Nov 28 2018 @ 16:12

    "I see late people."

  5. SlimWhitman Nov 29 2018 @ 17:23

    Yes, that's catchy. It should be built into the screenplay. Night will know what to do.

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