"My name is Electric Nachos", pleased to

  • "My name is Electric Nachos", pleased to meat you.

  • Hope you guessed my name." The Fondue Cheese Dish said, "'Name's Kung Fu Fondue. Gouda Meet you." The snack food Kumate was beginning

  • to sound a little too silly to me so I thought to myself:What a wonderfull world!"I loved Rick Otta so much,I didn't care how silly he was...I will name our kids

  • Some unusual names, which is the trend. And raise the kids without a tellie. No cellphones until they can pay the bills. I know how kids are these days and it is really creepy.

  • They walk around with white pointy hats, and some of them even sacrifice their souls to the devil for unlimited broadband! Jeesh! Kids these days amiright? Luckily, in my youth we

  • gave our souls up for a Rollo. The candy or the shifty guy from Sanford & Son? Didn't matter. And if we were good we were rewarded with Sunday Delivery. Pot roast from Mel's or pot

  • brownies from Melanie's Stoned House, we didn't care. We would consume anything, and believe anything. We thought that there was a classic 1939 version of "The Boatniks" and spent

  • the day trying to find that show. In the end we only managed to dial in Tokyo and listen to the French underground on old secret recordings. Made us want to batten down the hatches

  • & lock away our daughters. Which we did. Somehow though, the hatches were not as battened down as we thought and our daughters still got pregnant. They claimed a golden shower had

  • come down in her room and fell into her swim suit region, as some old lady fish likes to say, and here we are; adrift in the Adriatic my mother and me, an infant Perseus. You know



  1. seinundzeit Apr 04 2017 @ 01:46

    They should make a movie about how Perseus killed his grandfather thereby fulfilling another prophecy.

  2. seinundzeit Apr 04 2017 @ 01:52

    But as a samarai movie in Space with an all female cast and plenty of rough patches in space causing lots of turbulence and squeaking of squeaky things that we don't think we want to name right now under their threatening gaze. we can go now. no, you go, you're closer to the door. No, just go then! Thanks for the tapioca and juice.

  3. seinundzeit Apr 04 2017 @ 01:56

    Our new neighbors are nice. They are from the Mininimoto Clan and they are assigned to the Seventh Space Fleet at Serenity 3. They are both the nices girls you could ever want to meet. They brought us a housewarming gift of tapioca pudding and acai juice shots.

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