Hi, my name is Snuuuugglles." The teddy bear

  • Hi, my name is Snuuuugglles." The teddy bear gave me a beady-eyed stare... which I could only break away from when the paper towel. said " ... and I'm Banner."

  • There was a rapping sound coming from beneath my sink.Suddenly, Comet, Windex, & Dawn also burst out, brandishing toilet bowl brushes in protest. Snuggles the Bear was the leader o

  • f the toiletry bandits. Brillo was there, scouring the room for Dobie, and then asked, "Your pad or mine?" Meanwhile Mr. Clean folded his arms tightly and said, "I pity the fool."

  • Mr. Clean's bald theft of Mr. T's catchphrase really stunk up the bathroom cleaner party. AirWick decided to clear the air by telling a potty joke.

  • Unfortunately, the potty joke was so bad that it made the air smell even worse

  • . We needed to reverse this path or suffer permanent olfactory damage. I started singing a song about a field of blooming wildflowers and the air became subtly sweeter. I painted a

  • giraffe in the pattern of a zebra. This turned my mood sombre; why turn something colourful into something black and white. So I painted a hippo with the pattern of a

  • snowflake, and called it Tinker, dancing around with my brush in the lead. Too long had it been since I let the roar inside my fingers be released upon the white page, and it felt

  • glorious. Although, Tinker was amazingly stiff for a snowflake. She seemed to need me to be quiet with her, and at first it was hard for me to dance around her. She was icy and

  • could sometimes be cruel but I was entranced anyway. So entranced in fact, that her melting on the first warm day took me by complete surprise. I would never stop grieving.



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