"Oi, skunkboy!" shouted Crispin, the school

  • "Oi, skunkboy!" shouted Crispin, the school bully. I groaned. " Get yer four eyes over 'ere!" he said, chuckling at his weak joke. " Oh, go and combust why don't you?" I said

  • and then realized that even teasing at the school for slow adults was lame. What I really wanted to make made jungle love with the school principal so I

  • opened a bottle of tequila and poured it down my throat. A small bottle, but the whole thing nonetheless. After giving it a few minutes to have an effect, I hiked up my skirt and

  • climbed over the balconey railing. I hate heights. But I hate confinment even more. Elevators are my idea of hell on a high-rise cable. Whispering fierce encouragements to

  • my teddybear Tyrone, we jumped into the bushes. Far from silently, it turned out and soon

  • my world was turned upside down as I was lifted by my ankles. I looked up at the face of my captor and laughed.

  • Right side up he was ugly. Upside down he was like a cartoon. Or one of those sesame street puppets. Not nearly as frightening from this angle. He had not expected me to

  • dangle him from the bridge, but his ankles were easy to grip and it was either that, or make him work the money off the other way. No matter how sexy or smooth they were, I wasn't

  • going to waste this boy on the bridge, no sirree, what kinda guy do you take me for? with those kinda ankles this kid was gonna be big, and with my patronage the sky was the limit

  • and my aim just as high. As he crossed the bridge, I



  1. Davodd Feb 18 2011 @ 17:03

    OK - I blame my lack of imagination on studying for the nest week's bar. Sorry..

  2. goldenshellz Feb 19 2011 @ 11:48

    good luck with your exam.

  3. lostpoet Feb 19 2011 @ 13:27

    Ahhhh!!! The story is unfinished.... :(

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