It was 4:19pm on April 20th. We'd road-tripped

  • It was 4:19pm on April 20th. We'd road-tripped all the way from Portland, Maine to Weed, California & felt as if we'd been preparing our entire lives for what was about to unfold.

  • Our THC-induced trip across 23 States & one federal Border to smoke a monster spliff in the Space Needle had cam to a timely end in the Garden of Weeden. Lenny's Dad, a DEA agent,

  • was remiss of his duties. We could smoke pot anyway, it's legal now! We're so thankful I-502 passed. The Space Needle was great, but then went to Bremerton and HOLY SHIT! We found

  • gum stuck under the table. Free gum. When you're baked out of your mind

  • you can find all kinds of treasures under the tables at Al's Bar. In addition to any flavor of gum, I've found almost new condoms, a variety of panties & even credit cards! Once I

  • even found a flattened Isoptera under the bar stool at Al's who met his demise while asking ,"Where is the bar tender?"Most patrons at Al's have little appreciation for undertable

  • leg frottage. Tables have chipboard partitions to prevent all lower limb contact between Al's customers. Al himself wears a tweed jacket & knitted tie but from waist down is naked

  • The nudity didn't bother her (although the "dressed on top, nude on the bottom fetish was never her thing) but the green stripe Al had painted onto the sides of his legs

  • was really disconcerting to her monochromatic sensibilities.

  • The multicolored M&Ms nearly gave her a fright, especially since going through her Red Period which happened monthly. Luckily after being overcharged she saw red anyway.



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