Ok, Ok. Guys I've got it. I know what Jupiter's

  • Ok, Ok. Guys I've got it. I know what Jupiter's great Red Spot is! It's a giant zit!

  • "Jupiter's got a zit! Jupiter's got a zit!" sang Earth. Jupiter frowned and touched its Red Spot. "Don't scratch at it, honey" said the Sun as she made dinner. "You look fine. It's

  • just a phase." "Careful - you don't want to see Sun flare up," Earth added. Jupiter aimed its angry red eye at Earth. Uranus chimed in, "Didn't flares go out of fashion ages ago?"

  • "Eh, pluto?" Uranus nudged Pluto. Pluto, having become part of the conversation, gave him the cold shoulder and left the groups of planets to be a planetoid.

  • Well, the other planetoids in the Kuiper Belt were way too small compared to Pluto, but Pluto had been shunned by his Planet friends. So Pluto started having an identity crisis.

  • Pluto felt so bad for being abandoned by the Planets, but he realized... does he even need to be a Planet? Maybe not, it seemed like things sucked for the Planets.

  • Pluto thought for a while and then realised the answer was simple - he could just change his Spacebook status to Supernova! No longer a planet, more a shining star!

  • When he got on Spacebook to change his status to Supernova, Pluto discovered that option was grayed out. So were Quasar, Black Hole, Wormhole, Galaxy, and Shoe Box. Pluto never co

  • -parented. That was Pluto's problem. He was a deadbeat dad, and it was keeping him from high status on Spacebook. So he wrote a check for $700K and sent it to his ex-wife Venus.

  • Ah, his ex wife Venus. Had a rather scandalous affair with Ganymede from what I recall. Pluto wasn't over the moon about. He strived to see his child Nibiru again, prove himself



  1. Woab Jun 27 2019 @ 17:19

    (Beware the final line, Stig! But it can always be continued in Comments:) ...worthy of his love. When Pluto got to Nibiru's house, he could hear "The Music of the Spheres" floating down from an upstairs window, but he didn't have the spheres to ring the bell. The End

  2. StigMartyr Jun 27 2019 @ 17:22

    Yes, I did rather smack my head when I realised what I had done! Nice ending.

  3. Roseblossom Jun 27 2019 @ 18:08

    This was my first fold! Pretty cool ^w^

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