I felt my blood run cold as they slammed

  • I felt my blood run cold as they slammed me down onto the frigid, metal table. I tried to struggle, but they only chuckled darkly at me. "Ain't no use tryin' 'ta escape." He said.

  • And then a hideous sound turned my knees to jelly: the pouring of oatmeal into a bowl. "NO NO NO NO!" I screamed, resuming my struggle. "I WON'T eat that! Go away, all of you..glug

  • how could they feed me the oatmeal made from the oat my ancestors brought to this very country from our ancient island, as poison for the invaders

  • "You can call it the law of unintended consequences or you can call it just desserts." That is what the label said on the one they slipped into my cage once a day. Just Desserts.

  • but it was good.. It was cold and creamy..sweet, really.. Now I understand that old saw about revenge and pie..or something

  • but it was worth it to get back at my cruel dad who had ruined his domain, and my life, for twenty-one years, starting around the time I was six. That froyo tasted like freedom.

  • So I decided upon a plan. I was going to sneak through my dad's window at night and take off his skin. I would then use his fingerprints to stab him multiple times.

  • That would teach him. They'd never find me, the police would be constrained to only having his fingerprints as evidence of any stabbing. I shall finally be free of my father,

  • free from having to take out the garbage, free from the lawnmower, free from having to ask for the car keys, free from getting allowance- oops. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

  • I hung my head, sincerely apologized, said I'd never do such a thing again, then waited for my privileges to be reinstated. "Come here, ya knucklehead," Mom cooed & gave me a hug.



  1. PurpleProf Jul 10 2019 @ 18:10

    ...while Dad stood there glaring, not quite ready to forgive me.

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