I feel my heart actually crumpling up, eating

  • I feel my heart actually crumpling up, eating itself. She was taking too long with the antedote. If Jes doesn't hurry, I'll be dead within minutes.My last words to Justin were "You

  • smell like chocolate cake." Despite being on the brink of death, I was expecting those words to stir something in her heart, a semblance of compassion at least, but Jes just stood

  • there. Jes said, "I don't smell anything." That crow, that evil shrew, here I am on my death bed. Maybe an angel will have mercy on me and grant me one last act of revenge on that

  • poor woman who apparently didn't know any better." An angel had come and was shining through me. I closed my eyes as if to die but was surprised to find I was healthy after all. P

  • raise the Lord and pass the potatoes! I looked down at myself. I was not only healthy, but now also young and beautiful! I felt my new perky breasts. My skin was soft & smooth. I

  • trailed my hands further down, feeling the gentle curve of my hips, squeezing my buttocks, and marvelling at their bounce. For five long minutes I explored, entranced by the gift.

  • Then I suffered the curse that came with the gift. The pangs of menstruation were unbearable. Give me a kick in the family jewels over this. I must have passed out. When I awoke,

  • teensy, tiny little fairies carrying itty bitty cardboard tampons fluttered about. I shook my head to clear the vision. One stout fairy shouted, "Stick it in! The crimson tide hath

  • no little Dutch Boy to plug the dyke!" "How dare you call me a dyke, you little fairy!" I yelled at it, not realizing how very un-PC I sounded. The tampon fairy shrugged and flew

  • in circles above me, shitting on my head like a flock of geese. I drew my shotgun, hoping to wing the fairy mid-attack, but a turd got me in the eyes. The fairy flew off, giggling.



  1. Woab Apr 01 2020 @ 14:27

    Interesting. It seems the protagonist was waiting on a youth serum, and by the end, she was regretting it!

  2. ValkyrieGrrl May 26 2020 @ 07:03

    What a beautiful (sniff sniff ) s-s-s-tory!

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