Fred said hey Hello Mary says What are you

  • Fred said hey Hello Mary says What are you doing today? Fred said. Not much where's bob? Said Mary. I don't know maybe at the park Fred said said. Ok thanks. That's alright Mary.

  • In actuality, they were outside the Staples Center begging for quotation marks. "I'd do anything, even for air quotes," said Mary. Her frollicky fantasies of park trysts with Bob

  • the Builder soon drove her to visit the local home improvement center, in a very punctual manner. After perusing the aisles for a certain period of time, she finally exclaimed,

  • "Roberto" (she always called him by his proper name) "I believe I want this one." Bob the Builder peered at the Magnum4000 Vibrating Showerhead. "Are you, um, sure?" "It's time for

  • an upgrade on my toothbrush." Rob raised an eyebrow. Was his client talking about what he thought she was talking about? Err.. we have a model with exchangeable head & flashy LEDs

  • ?! In fact, I'm so confident this model will leave you breathless that if it doesn't satisfy you, I'll come to your house and do the job myself!" She raised her eyebrow too. "Are y

  • ou Tony Robbins?" The sales person didn't say anything. Just grinned. She could see the big forehead, the gigantic capped teeth. This had to be Tony. Why was he pretending

  • that he could fold space like a Guild Navigator? Maybe it was the medications. Tony had been mixing for months again, having abandoned his neuro-whatnot. Uppers, downers, spinners,

  • some more uppers,and then...wormhole.Fuck NASA!He was out,done with it...Tony wrote his resignation letter and tried to enjoy the view:

  • Swirly blue vortex-iness, then the fabric of reality tore apart around him. He'd get in trouble for stealing a spacecraft, but the tie-dyed, fur-textured time corridor was trippy.



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 22 2014 @ 17:15

    Nice to have you back GB, 'trippy' finish LOL.

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