Biden had been second fiddle long enough.

  • Biden had been second fiddle long enough. The President wanted to play a little one on one? Then the VEEP was going to play by street rules. He was going swing his elbows

  • but then he saw an airplane, and the person parachuting out was....................................................................................OSAMA OSAMA OSAMA OSAMA OSAMA

  • Oh wait, Ive been watching too much Hannity. Obama! I knew it was he when he said, "we are the ones we've been falling for."

  • That kind of doublespeak is what they learn on the streets of Chicago. That and the proper way to slice a

  • bag of oranges for soccer practice. It's not as easy as it looks. First you have to get the knife, then you have to cut the orange. OK, maybe it is that easy, but I

  • think it takes some skill to animate an orange and getting the nasal voice right wasn't easy. When the annoying orange got the announcing job at the world cup final I hit big time.

  • and i hit it hard, I had been waiting for trhis all my life, fame, recognition adoration of the masses, now i was someone, someone special, I was nasal orange guy and no one, would

  • ever want Navel Oranges again. My patented Nasal Orange had 22 percent more juice per orange due to the protruding Nasal shape. I just had to stop the nasal drip before harvest.

  • But then I had a better idea - I would collect the drippings of the Nasal Oranges and sell orange juice instead. I would call it 'Florida's Artificial'.

  • The rest is history. I now own the worlds third largest juice company, currently in talks with Del Monte over a merger. From my golden yacht, I think to myself "What a great life."



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