What else can I say? I hit him because he

  • What else can I say? I hit him because he was Harry Potter, Justin Beiber, and Carrot Top all rolled into one! Hitting him was the least I could do! Heck, the other kids would

  • have killed him, so pulling a page out of the Deathly Hallows and beating his roided out magical face as red as his hair was the only way to hide his identity. The only fun way

  • to mash up a pitiful example of ginger is to do it this way. When all you have left is pulp, you

  • or some such crap. Whenever my mother was angry with father she would recite recipes. Once when she found him in bed with a whore she recited how to make a turducken. She needed

  • a bottle of rum for most of her recipes. She'd take a swig, do her little Tunisian jig, then stir a little rum in the pot.

  • the rum in the pot, her head in Tunisia, and her nose filled by the odour of the vegetable stew she reaches for the spoon to add a little sugar. Its always nice cooking for someone

  • born without tastebuds. They never complained about her cooking the way her girlfriend did. Its what she thought of whenever she decided not to give to the BWOTB telethon

  • . She decided, due her disability, to open a restaurant based on textures. The critics gave high marks for her sawdust sandwich and sponge linguini. Her girlfriend felt ignored.

  • But then didn't anymore, because she went to her girlfriend and said "I wanna be part of this business of yours you backstabbing lesbian" And so this lesbian restaurant for tastele

  • ss Japanese cuisine became the best Japanese restaurant in Oklahoma and once they became rich she went to her backstabbing lesbian and smothered her in her sleep.



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