They'd been on the salt encrusted boat for

  • They'd been on the salt encrusted boat for months. His eyes couldn't focus on anything more than 12 feet away. He was thirsty. Now they were anchored off of paradise. He could

  • finally quench his thirst on something other than boiled brine. He darted forward & overboard & at that moment, his 12 foot vision became a factor. 15 feet away, shards of coral

  • threatened to lacerate his nearly naked form. He slowly drifted closer and closer to the sharp reef edge. Suddenly his calf was slashed. Blood in the water. Shark infested water.

  • A large dolphin with huge rows of teeth was closing in on him but he was too busy trying to get an underwater self portrait for his blog to notice. His bleeding leg

  • attracted the sharks. A great white turned towards him mouth agape with rows of sharp teeth. Suddenly the bottlenose swooped in and

  • starting speaking shark language to the great white. Small-brained they were; a rough translation of their conversation goes something like this: "nom nom nom steak tonight?"

  • Fucking sharks. I fucking hate them. Hate. All they do is look creepy and murder people for food. Why is it that I have to be naturally gifted to translate their conversations?

  • Although,reading sharks minds is not so hard.Anyone could do it if they wanted...Now reading dolphins minds:there's a challenge.I walked towards the aquarium and

  • the dominant male dolphin winked at me and invited me into the pod. As I slid into the water, my lungs filled with air, they started to burn. The aquarium guards were

  • pointing their tridents at me and looking generally perturbed. Blast, how do I always get myself into these situations. I went deep, Nemo deep, no longer caring about myself just



  1. mensaque Apr 15 2012 @ 13:43

    Pay atention,Roy!Sorry,but you had the last line and failed to finish the story...that's so not cool!

  2. SlimWhitman Apr 16 2012 @ 04:27

    I guess the reverse happened here?: http://foldingstory.com/9wvle/ You might think the big red message above line 9: "This is the last line, finish the story!" would be enough, but it's happened to me to - and others. You get so engrossed in writing the line that you forget. An improvement would be if the button "Fold and Pass" was replaced by a red button "Complete Story!"

  3. mensaque Apr 17 2012 @ 12:44

    Great idea,Slim!

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