Twice upon a time, mortals had two lives.

  • Twice upon a time, mortals had two lives. One life was played out on Earth, and the other was played out in a dreamscape. All was well until one day, it merged into one reality.

  • It started out slowly, words became illegible. People would drop things that would never be found again. Childhood friends would appear. As the dreams merged further in reality,

  • Hal tried to wake me. He was shouting my name over the intercom, but my dreams were becoming living beings. Wendy (from 7th grade math) was passing by and saw me. She looked, but

  • she didn't see. Which was a good thing because my dreams were astral now in leaking, bold primary colours, prancing around Wendy. She would blanch at the things they were doing.

  • It was strange, slightly arousing, and deeply disturbing. They encircled her in her dream, invisible but clearly there, somewhere, radiating astral perversions into the atmosphere.

  • "Look!" her astral perversions said. "Ikea furniture!" Why was her dream self aroused by Ikea furniture? She didn't know, but she was in a frenzy as a bookcase hovered just outside

  • her bedroom window, calling out to her "Put your hex key in me, baby! NOW!" Her dream self fumbled around the room for the hex key, but once found, it fell from her fingers and

  • vanished. "The heck!?!" she cried. I shrugged. Oh well. Better luck on the next witch. I thought.

  • The wicked witch from Arkansas hid under a mountain of evidence of fecal matter corruption. It didn't go unnoticed by the odour police. She was literally stinking from having been

  • hit by the shit for being a fan. I don't know what happened. It isn't allowed for Wicked Witches from Arkansas to write fan fiction? I was fan fiction when fan fiction wasn't cool!



  1. LordVacuity Jul 20 2017 @ 20:04

    I like how the things falling and disappearing reappeared between Woab & knight_medek's folds.

  2. Woab Jul 21 2017 @ 11:56

    Chaz mentioned dropping things in line 2.

  3. LordVacuity Jul 21 2017 @ 13:54

    Yes, but then it dropped and disappeared until you and knight_medek brought it back.

  4. knight_medek Mar 08 2018 @ 13:20

    Guilty as charged ahaha

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