"Hey, you!" I looked up. A guy on a Ferris

  • "Hey, you!" I looked up. A guy on a Ferris Wheel was waving manically at me. "My name's John. We're gonna get married! And have a little dog called Ponce!" I gave him the thumbs up

  • , smiled reassuringly, and shoved a stick into the control panel, jamming the Ferris Wheel on high. I set my camcorder on record, placed it on a tripod and watched panic set in.

  • Panic on the dance floor that is. The camcorder caught it all. All the gory sweaty details. The hulking, fat fold infested braggadocio

  • -us, super-calloused, ex-Cialis users merrily popping bubbly. "Why do they have to segregate the clubs based on sweatiness and undesirability?" I wondered, unable to look away from

  • The green silk socks that martians were stealing.

  • Martians are purple but Earthlings expect them to be green:Having no cash & a nylon allergy they needed to steal green stockings! This was the strange leggy creature's explanation.

  • Strange Leggy Creature was jailed in county lockup. "Y'all reckon a jury's gonna ba his tale?" Deputy Dick asked. Sheriff Wadd snorted:"Naw. Martians are green not purple, period."

  • To prove his point, Sheriff Wadd kneed Deputy Dick in the groin. "See? You're purple and you aint no Martian!" Even the purple Martian in the jail cell had to laugh at this one.

  • The martian lifted his arms, and in both his pits hung two scrotums, undulating from his quick movement. Every one with half a brain knows are testies hang from our pits! Lowering

  • The boom on the Martian caused him to raise his arms to push it away. Acting quickly the tied up twins at his feet both kicked him in a pit. He went down, dead. Invasion over.



  1. m80 Aug 21 2017 @ 22:59

    You were very brave, Futique, very brave..

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