His dog peeked over the edge of the table.

  • His dog peeked over the edge of the table. The baby'd left bits of steak there, but Dad shook his head. Two minutes later, she was barking at something. When Dad got up, she flew

  • jaws open and sunk her teeth into the lump of flesh behind dad's head. It tasted like pork. She gnawed away at his neck until it was a bloody log of flesh ribbons and goo. She was

  • unable to penetrate the tendons that kept his head attached to his spine, but not for lack of trying. As she continued to feast upon the goodness, she felt a cool breeze on her

  • Her mind drifted to the memory of her father teaching her the finer points of killing your prey. "See, doesn't the blood taste better when it's still warm?" he asked.

  • Now she nodded to herself, even though he wasn't there. He was gone now. It might have been the genetics, but he hadn't tasted nearly as good as this one. She got her knife and

  • cut up some carrots, because carrots are very healthy and rabbit food.

  • The rabbits were so grateful! That night, they gathered together and decided to do something really special to show their thanks.

  • Standing in a circle, the grand rabbit cultist raised a bloody paw to the evening sky. Chattering madly he drew a large carrot shape in the dirt. The summoning must begin.

  • 'Come ye, come ye, and bless us with your vegetable presence!' he boomed in his tiny rabbit voice. 'For our warren cannot flourish if the carrots will not nourish!' A great shadow

  • had settled across the land, and the carrot crop was at serious, Flopsy asked Mopsy what he had seen on his last journey to the surface. "What's Up?" "Dark."



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