Still here, the accidental pasta. I have

  • Still here, the accidental pasta. I have decided that I will no longer wait for it to leave on it's own. I am going to eat it. That might be what it wanted all along. I don't care.

  • "Don't you?" Gerd snickered snidely. "Can you back that up?" I couldn't, but, unfortunately, I had a weakness for accidental pasta. I ate it quickly. Washing it down with urine...

  • I was surprised when Gerd suddenly laughed out loud. "You DID it!" Gerd giggled. "You really DID it!" I felt I'd been tricked into this as I dabbed the urine from my mouth.

  • That was last month. Now, Gerd & I snuck into the clinic's lab after hours. On a counter were that day's urine samples. I popped a lid & gave a sniff. "Exquisite bouquet!" I enthus

  • ed. Then I swirled the contents together in random order, laughing knowingly as I left. Now Mrs. McGurk is being treated for erectile dysfunction and Custard for menopause. It was

  • humiliating for both Custard and Mrs. McGurk, who had always previously flaunted their individual sexual identities. Now I delighted in their confusion. Tears of laughter fell down

  • my face, I couldn't help myself. "NOW?" I shrieked, "Now!?!" I scratched my own face with the fury of an alley cat. "NOW? NOOOOW?!?!"

  • ON PRESIDENT'S DAY?!? This is my favorite day of the year! Why do bad things happen to good people... Well I'll show you, oh cruel world! I'll have my revenge on you! I'm gonna

  • Make bloody sure you read Sunday papers again. There is no other way to ensure their survival. Money talks, bullshit walks..

  • No more Sunday Papers? In my mind's eye a heavy newspaper hit the front door & I ran down the stairs in PJs to be first to read the funnies.I subscribed & the newspaper boy beamed.



  1. Wurm Sep 06 2017 @ 11:40

    Gerd. . .GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease

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