Dump wrasslin'. Who wants ta watch nekkid

  • Dump wrasslin'. Who wants ta watch nekkid sweaty men grabbin' their thongs? An' what's this. Discus throw? That's s'posed ta be oh-riginal recipe Olympic sport? It's a Frisbee for

  • men who cayn't threw a Frisbee w'tout it asplodin', what wit theyr chisel'd, marbly abs *gulp*. All Olympic sports shou'd be Foo'baw. Amurican Foo'baw. Those tights. Awwww maaanly.

  • that's the flavor I like. Musky, hairy and muscle-bound. Let me chomp on that Manly Grande Slam, if you please! This was not the Olympic commentator Fox Sports had hired.

  • They'd hired another Art Durkle, part-time drag queen & full time admirer of musky men. The most viewed incident on Youtube happened during the Graeco-Roman wrestling. Art got conf

  • Used as to whether or not it was fake news. Mr. Blue Sky grabbed Art and said, "You are brainwashed." Art said, "What? It is cloudy outside." His uncle replied, "That doesn't make

  • sense. The rainbirds are dead. How can there be cloudy skies?" Art shook off his Uncle Mr. Blue Skies' hand. "Say what you will, these rainbirds played with the Ouija and they knew

  • things. Dark things. Dark things of dark times to come." Mr. Blue Skies simply shined at Art and blinked. Then a rumble of thunder came from down under

  • the seat of Art's pants. "Good lord," exclaimed Mr. Blue Skies, "What have you been eating?" "Dark things," sneered Art, tilting in his chair for another delivery of sheer evil.

  • "Fire in the hole," Art cackled. Thinking fast, Mr. Blue Skies aimed a champagne bottle at the threatening seat of Art's pants. "Bottoms up, you mean!" The cork popped, flying true

  • It hit Art right in the unholy hole. Art curled over and died right there. After the incident all the world leaders decided to end all the wars and we have lived in peace since.



  1. 49erFaithful Dec 08 2016 @ 10:55

    Peace be with you all; let's pop some bottles.

  2. bearshoes84 Dec 08 2016 @ 11:36

    Hear hear. Also here here, pass the bottle.

  3. Woab Dec 08 2016 @ 14:45

    Pass that bottle here, too, in the name of world peace. I'm still trying to catch up on all the new stories. We are fairly romping here, are we not? Here's to folders old and new! (hic)

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