I told that idiot I didn't want him walking

  • I told that idiot I didn't want him walking my dog anymore. I'm tired of waking up and thinking

  • of all the secrets that passed between the two, my dog and our newly hired dog walker. I knew they spoke of my manuscripts, my failed manuscripts. I watched from the window,

  • sharpening my butter knife. They'll pay. They'll all pay! As soon as my dog walker walked into my apartment condo, I lunged at him like an Olympic fencer. He somehow parried it

  • But I was having charred dog for dinner. I would teach Walker and all the others not to mess with a professional butter knife sharpener. I finally got a hold of my dog Walker, "Bad

  • to the Bone" playing in the background all the while, and invited him on a long hike through the woods. Walker didn't know or didn't care what I had for dinner, as long as

  • George didn't bring the Christmas Goose to dinner again. Last year, everyone got sick from eating it. This year, George had a Christmas Horse. Aunt Phoebe was flabbergasted. She

  • had never had Christmas Horse before, and she certainly wasn't willing to experiment. "Look, George," she began, "You'll have to keep that thing outside, and I better not catch you

  • serving horse steaks at the party." George seemed disappointed but said, "Fine." He lead the animal outside, mouth still watering for Christmas Horse.

  • "If you let me go free," said the Christmas Horse, "I will grant you a stocking full of wonder." So George let the horse go (even though he looked delicious) and the very next day

  • George found a stocking full of glue and chunks of horse meat. He smiled ad raised his arms skyward "Bless you, Christmas Horse!"



  1. Woab Dec 20 2016 @ 15:57

    Heartwarming ending, sweetpeach!

  2. Flopp Dec 20 2016 @ 16:37

    Just melts my heart every time I read this

  3. pinky Jan 15 2017 @ 12:22

    Excellent! Jealousy, violence, endearing family vignette, AND a good horse story all rolled into one. Very masterful.

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