Just chawing on a Twizzler, admiring the

  • Just chawing on a Twizzler, admiring the stupid rhinos.

  • "Do you like the rhinos?" Jenny asked me. I offered her a Twizzler stick to chaw on, but she shook her head from side to side which meant she didn't care for some. "Stupid is as

  • stupid gets. Now answer me, do you like rhinos?" Jenny implored again. I nodded uncertainly. "Good." and she unzipped herself and stepped out as a rhino. "This is who I am!"

  • It hit me then that when Jenny said she was having rhinoplasty- she meant it! Instead of adjusting her nose to the rest of her, she went all rhino! How many times a day to feed her

  • her new horned rhino body? The last of the lawn was munched to the dirt. Jenny was now too much to bare. I had to let her go. "Go be what you see yourself as. Go be free." As she

  • headed for the river it was a solemn day for both of us. I could see she was torn between kindly reluctance and expectant exuberance. Jenny turned and said in her new rhino voice,

  • "I want to bedazzle my horn to camoflage it from poachers," whispered rhino Jenny. I under took the arduous journey to the Swarovski Kristallwelten in old Osterreich with forebodi

  • -ng. They had overpriced rhinestones, but it was imperative that rhino Jenny get these baubles in order to hide her nose-horn. The ghost of Liberace offered to pay the difference,

  • The nose-horn cost Jenny her job at McDonald's so she went into playing piano. Liberace and his ghost were always following her. Even on the subway, they got on without paying.

  • The city was rampant with ghosts and the homeless. Both lost souls, searching for something out of their grasp. Maybe that explained why they paid Jenny as a street performer.



  1. Flopp Mar 09 2017 @ 13:07

    Jenny, the poor street performing rhinoplasty rhino. Nice ring to it

  2. Jimbeau Mar 09 2017 @ 15:24

    When Chaz used "chaw," I immediately thought of Forrest Gump

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