While doing a weekly cleaming, Madame Dujardin

  • While doing a weekly cleaming, Madame Dujardin received a package by pigeon post from a M. Veloux at 32 Ave. De Chaussoise. She opened it and found the following: 1. A book titled

  • "L'Art de la Riposte", by Prof. G. Fluvialle. Madame Dujardin hadn't ordered any such book and hadn't decided what to do with it. She sent for her good friend Demoiselle

  • Gradunettes. Mme Dujardin sent for tea and they enjoyed les fesses serrées of the depicted poses. "Let us go to Academe du Escrime with our opera glasses!" said Mle Gradunettes

  • . Mle Gradunettes turned out to be quite the fencing virtuoso, disrobing one expert swordsman after the next with her foil. The instructor got nervous, since he was wearing panties

  • from the Victor's Shame collection which had fallen afoul of the fashion industry when it was revealed that they were made by slave labor. They were being called Blood Panties now.

  • Despite the fashion world's condemnation, sales of Blood Panties went up, as women assumed the name meant they wouldn't stain from period blood. But "Blood" had a third meaning:

  • Anyone putting on Blood Panties would instantly become a close, direct relative of everyone else who wore them. People wearing Blood Panties would find themselves suddenly fighting

  • bacterial infections in their eyelids. Which I thought had nothing to do with Blood Panties... until I saw the way they wore them...

  • The thing that is more weird is that there is a whole organization about wearing blood panties as a blindfold. I did more research and found out that

  • the organization is called Blindfold Everyone with Bloody Old Panties, or BEBOP for short. A group of prominent jazz musicians don’t like the acronym and is suing the organization.



  1. IceSquad May 30 2019 @ 00:48

    Need a solid inheritance? Wear Blood Panties and hope that Warren Buffet wears them, too.

  2. IceSquad May 30 2019 @ 00:48


  3. Woab May 30 2019 @ 11:59

    As Auntie Mame once almost said: "Life is a Buffet and Most of Us are Wearing Blood Panties."

  4. LordVacuity May 30 2019 @ 23:00

    No, I heard Auntie Mame almost once said like If Victoria's Secret isn't kinky enough for you, please consider Victor's Shame.

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