Why did algebra books have to be so

  • Why did algebra books have to be so

  • deceiving? I mean, really? They always had a ton of photos in them of teens solving math problems and smiling while doing them, as if they were having fun. I was naive to think

  • that people could actually enjoy mathematics without someone pulling the strings. It was then that I noticed the teacher in the background, smiling a mysteriously large smile.

  • And there, in the teacher's lap was the reason for the grin ... a life-size stuffed Komodo dragon wearing a fez. The teacher removed the corn cob pipe from her mouth and whispered

  • "No reindeer games for you, because Fosty is coming to town." Kommy the Komodo dragon sneered - Frosty was his nemesis, ever since that bobbing for pineapples incident.

  • The infinite depths of Frosty's coal eyes haunted Kommy the Komodo to this day, as did the thumpity thump-thump. After another bout of night sweats, he called his cousin, Puff, to

  • protect him from the soul destroying snowman, but the magic dragon was unfortunately going through a nasty bout of depression ever since Jackie Paper left him. So Kommy the Komodo

  • Dragon was Jackie Paper's foster dragon. Kommy was nice, but he totally sucked. Jackie hated him and felt guilty about it. Kommy couldn't fly or breathe fire. Is that really a drag

  • chute you've got hanging out your rear? I just noticed that. You might wanna get that looked at.

  • Just don't ask me, because there's no chance in hell that I'd wanna look at that." Flustered, I left the student lounge and waited two hours in silence for my class to start.



  1. Ariax Sep 05 2012 @ 08:17

    Funny how it managed to end up back in the classroom even after Frosty and the dragons got involved.

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