Nothing ruins your enjoyment of a video game

  • Nothing ruins your enjoyment of a video game like a boss monster leaping through the TV screen and into your room. I realized, right then, that buying from that mysterious game sho

  • with cyclops for sales assistants might not have been a good idea. Now there was a cyclops in my house. I put on my golden fleece and

  • found myself swag as hell. I couldn't help but to put up my steel and gold choppers and deck myself with boughs of bling. I went all flavor flav on tha cyclopean homes.

  • And then i ate some taco bell, didn't taste as good as i thought. I was disappointed.

  • America wasn't turning out to be all I hoped it would be. There were no Applebee's or street hotdogs or Empire State Buildings in sight and I've already been robbed.

  • The gold-paved streets and fountains of wine proved elusive, but the rude denizens made me feel right at home. My heart warmed at every "up yours," and I smiled when pedestrians

  • gestured rudely. It reminded me of home.

  • And just like that, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. Mom would cuss out Dad, then Dad would give Mom the 1-finger salute, while we kids cowered in the corner, scared but amused.

  • It's no wonder I protested in the 60's. The 1-finger salute as a way to be cool without effort & I turned my mother's colorful language to good use as a stand-up at the Improv.

  • I also wore her vintage tie-dyed t-shirt. Either it had magical powers of its colorful decade, the 1-finger salute was back in style, because I'm now the owner of the Improv!



  1. smckrobinson Oct 07 2015 @ 00:00

    LOL, so nonsensical, yet amusing! :)

  2. kristyleann Oct 07 2015 @ 00:14

    I love it! Good job on the finish! :D

  3. Perronicus Oct 07 2015 @ 05:02

    Sorry about missing the 'p' from 'shop'. The reason the 'with' is not capitalised is because it's supposed to be there. Don't know what happened...

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