Small or not, Trump's hands were nowhere

  • Small or not, Trump's hands were nowhere near as large as his...ego. If Trump were to measure his success by the size of his beaver basher...well...the sky's the limit.

  • However, those who fancy themselves as Super Packers ain't got nothing on Bernie Sanders when he whips it out with that toothy grin. They pay an average of $27 just to see it.

  • And a lot of people have paid to see it, making his the most popular pièce de résistance in politics & lending new meaning to the expression "Feel the Bern." That cost extra though

  • but nowhere as costly as Lyin' Ted's snake's snake oil, which Hillary got Wall Street to buy for her, and, believe me, she truly needed it in order to lubricate her chasm of doom

  • adroitly. Soon the lubrication parties began to make their impact on the political scene. Lubrication rallies were held for and against Hillary but always for lubrication. Spurious

  • Delegates whose votes were stolen were banished to Coventry un lieu of re-education. Hillary's shark mouth showed fangs and her advisors told her not to show them in public anymore

  • . We wandered among Pokemon Go players, using Ley-Line-Tracer app instead. At a crossing, each would trace a pentacle across the sky and open the Lunar Gate. Hillary's team tried t

  • but it caused unacceptable paranoia. Next they tried e but that ended up with too many strange bedfellows the Hillaries did not want or need. Then someone suggested k. It just

  • was like this total "alphabet" thing. So we tried k. But here is where the thing gets weird. We started chanting "Oriah, oriah" and then it was like this King of Breakfast appeared

  • and offered us Alpha-Bits cereal, which we didn't think was even made any more. Graciously we accepted the antique cereal, but later because it had expired in 1967. OK? OK.



  1. Woab Aug 01 2016 @ 16:34

    Foo. I omitted the word "died" from the last sentence.

  2. SlimWhitman Aug 01 2016 @ 16:55

    No, you just left out the letterd d, i, and e because they'd already been eaten.

  3. Woab Aug 02 2016 @ 09:47

    Yes, Slim, that must have been it.

  4. BlastedHeath Nov 15 2018 @ 12:44

    Made sense to me.

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