One day, PurpleProf got online & went into

  • One day, PurpleProf got online & went into FoldingStory, only to discover that there was no one there. No more MoralEnd, SlimWhitman, 49erFaithful or (horrors!) Inatick. Loneliness

  • is inversely proportional to imagination; PurpleProf made 16 accounts, one for each Myers-Briggs type, and wrote her own stories. "I surprise me every time," she cackled. Chaz knew

  • buddyboy from a scribner cult. The members communed faceless through a series of two-lined coded messages. It was easy to join the cult, but impossible to leave.

  • Each evening they gathered, to divine the teachings of their prophets & sibylles, the shrewd manatee, powerful squidman, and phoenix squawkers & pronounced the mantra "DUCK, DONG,

  • AROOOGA, SQUAWK!" It was good practice in the art of meditation, because each time they got to the end of the mantra, the phoenix Squawkers burst into flames. Squidman & D. Manatee

  • are trending again on FS .Detective Manatee is a FS meme, intellectually superior to People of Walmart, more culturally relevant than Pepe the Frog, the inspiration for Grumpy Cat

  • And an antihero to all lovers of folded stories. Detective Manatee and his seamonkeys are quite adept at transmogrifying dreadful analogies into unexpected brilliant flashes of

  • breaded fish sticks if that was what the folded story called for. Detective Manatee tipped the wine glass with a flipper and pondered the Whats and Maybes, the Hows & the Wherebys.

  • The Wherebys of Beacon Hill had made their millions in the breaded fish industry. They said that it was haute cuisine, but Det. Manatee knew better. Had their batter been better,

  • then Betty the bettor would have bet on the batter to better the rest in the upcoming Big Batter Barter, where prizes went to the Best Batter. Like baseball, with flour.



  1. SlimWhitman Oct 04 2017 @ 16:11

    Bread winners, all your folds - Great finish, bachtopus!

  2. Flopp Oct 07 2017 @ 13:26

    I do love a good tongue twister.

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