Dollar bills floated through the air in the

  • Dollar bills floated through the air in the small wind tunnel of the shoe store. They did this kind of thing to attract business on slow days. She'd forgotten the toxins embedded

  • in the crawspace, causing sink holes as the peat, which was once protected by being waterlogged, decays in a decades-long process. And the soils sink faster when you

  • don't use a coffin. I should have thought of that, but all I had time for was a quick tarpaulin and duct tape wrap. That reminds me, the last time I used that much duct tape,

  • was to make myself a neat-looking duct tape wallet. Remember when that was all the rage a few years back? My duct tape wallet never failed to get attention when I'd bring it out.

  • I also remember when finger boards were fun. But now I made her my duct tape wallet. With the tape jammed across her nostrils, it's a wonder she can breathe at all. Should I

  • go to Montecarlo this winter?" Liam groused. Brenda, his involuntary duct tape wallet simply nodded in agreement as she passed out from the asphyxiation. Liam needed a new name,

  • Marmeduke! No, Humperdink! No, no, I know - Cirencester! Shouted all the little snails.

  • And off they crawled to the local Shell garage happily whistling a catchy tune. The chances of crawling into this type of puddle was remote, but there was a splash with a smell of

  • Jean Nate. Or was it Gene Kelly. I always get those two mixed up. Both make we think of Springtime.

  • And young love.



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