My "friend" said he thought ponies were stupid.

  • My "friend" said he thought ponies were stupid. Now, I have him tied up in my basement, He's wondering what the heck I'm going to do with him. I ignored him and grabbed by knife.

  • First I grabbed his hand...by knife. I jabbed it into his palm and punched him in the face with it. "Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?" This was just the

  • beginning of the questions. "Who are you and what are you doing in this telephone booth?", "Is that a daisy-chain around your neck?", "What is orange?" I asked my reflection repeat

  • edly. I never got any solid answers though, only echoes. My reflection in the glass of the phone booth seemed to taunt me. How *did* I end wearing this flower garland, anyway? I re

  • called that night before the accident. My memories were superseded by the fear of being alone and the possibility of death, I supplicated the father to help me through the tough ti

  • mes. Booze. I needed it. The hard stuff. I had to forget. I had to escape. "Pops, can you get me a couple bottles of Jameson's?" He nodded, a worried look on his face. I cried

  • silently into my glass when he left, hoping the years would drop away magically. In my slightly intoxicated brain I constructed my life again, if only I could re-live that one day

  • I would sing at the top of my lungs. People would gather to listen to what I had to sing. I would write my own songs and produce them. I know how to do that from Uncle Frank.

  • Uncle Frank was anything but.I would have never learned to compose & produce my own work by listening to his surly evasive equivocations.It was FZ's lyrics which caused my epiphany

  • that lead me to St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast where I stole the margarine and first heard the pumpkin breathing over the erratic jazz stylings of the Mothers of Invention.



  1. SlimWhitman Aug 11 2016 @ 17:57

    It's an interesting detail that bladefury3 contributed to this story - FZ of FS: FZ's ghost http://foldingstory.com/en51r/ FZ channeled http://foldingstory.com/ue9cg/

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