It smelled like shame and Korean barbecue

  • It smelled like shame and Korean barbecue in there. Mix that with rotting flesh and you have the recipe for yet another murder mystery. Detective Jason Manatee looked up from his

  • head of lettuce, for you see, Manatee wasn't just his name. Jason had been hit with powerful cosmic rays while swimming in a manatee tank, and had been imbued with manatee strength

  • Manatee strength -- the strength to form a mating herd and indiscriminately join other males in the most glorious gang-bang party nature has to offer.

  • It was a niche market in the flourishing new business of Soul-transfer vacations. Aside from experiencing Manatee gang-bangs, other popular "destinations" included

  • celebrity underwear, pigeon on Capitol Hill, and the wonderful sounding, ever disappointing, day in Heaven. It seemed okay at first, but then it turned out, nothing ever happened.

  • That was, until something happened.

  • What exactly happened is still a mystery. He kept a diary of the entire phenomenon during his four years of incarceration on that island, but much of it is encrypted. The pictures

  • , and I call them pictures as they were far more elaborate than little symbols, was the basis for his made-up language. This was an incredibly stupid way of hiding his research.

  • For instance, the code for his top-secret 'gender reassignment' experiment was simply a stick woman with a penis, breasts intact. From his notes it seems that he tried using

  • a different brand of peanut butter this time, but the results were the same. The science just didn't make sense. He resolved to



  1. TravisG1 Apr 26 2011 @ 23:43

    Point for the Talking Heads reference, bitterroot :)

  2. Bad. Apr 27 2011 @ 01:33

    I was hoping we'd get to see a little more of Detective Jason Manatee :(

  3. SlimWhitman Aug 15 2011 @ 09:22

    We have indeed seen a lot more of Det. Manatee (and his brother!): Solved Cases: "The List" http://foldingstory.com/xdeil/ "The Case of Baby Bop & Barney" http://foldingstory.com/fonkz/ "The Ginzu Perp" http://foldingstory.com/e5p06/ "The Octopus" http://foldingstory.com/uebsc/ "The Heimlich" http://foldingstory.com/4vflq/ "Familicide" http://foldingstory.com/86vsf/ Unfinished cases (as of today). Please add to these cases with some love of the Manatee: "MMM" http://foldingstory.com/n62lj/ "Return of the Hippo" http://foldingstory.com/k8woa/ "The Lump" http://foldingstory.com/arqc6/ "Food Case of the Golden Dugong" http://foldingstory.com/i5ljt/ This list may be incomplete. Det. Manatee gets around despite his stubby flippers! There is a nostalgic discussion on Det. Manatee, and some background on the creation of the character by BadAxel here: http://foldingstory.com/86vsf/#comments P.S. if you want to know what the Det. Manatee looks like, check out BadAxel's icon. Thanks for the fun Bad!

  4. BlastedHeath Aug 24 2017 @ 19:51

    That's a fantastic entrance.

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