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  • "This is not a chatroom," Sundancer typed. "It's foldingstory and you're doing it wrong." ThisChick puzzled. "What's foldingstory?" Sundancer rolled her eyes. "It's a place where

  • we roll up the tremulous little fictions of the world with some cornsilk and a sprinkling of sage, and smoke it to the very hell that it deserves. You dig?" But ThisChick

  • started screaming about her dog or something. "What is wrong with you, man?!?" Everyone stared. But not at me. Everyone's eyes were fixed on the dog. I have never seen

  • a dog levitate off the ground. He seemed happy enough, just five feet in the air. Soon other animals across the nation began to float. Cats could catch birds in midflight.

  • Even fish could fly!. But and odd event happened. Birds soon lost their ability to fly but the ostrich and penguin could fly now. All the other birds became jelous towards them and

  • so a penguin named Harold soared above a group of pigeons and evacuated right on them. Yeah, take that, see how it feels.



  1. sundancer Apr 07 2012 @ 07:41

    Hey everyone, nice salvaging of a foldingstory that could have been a piece of crap!

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