The trouble with most congressmen is they

  • The trouble with most congressmen is they forget that conversation is also a form intercourse or if they do remember, they they still want someone to get screwed and by them

  • . The words echoed across Washington Mall like pleas for help. The mob surged at the podium in a full-throttled rage because they even planners ran out of donuts and

  • Planters ran out of nuts for their blood doners. Skye and I were chilling outside the Washington mall arcade when the costumed guy came up and said, "Hi, I'm Mr. Peanut!", jigging.

  • I knew I couldn't give blood because I'd been using SlowDeath again and my system was tainted. The jigging Peanut was just the diversion I needed. I pushed Skye into the legume and

  • she yelled, "What in Hezmana are you doingiiiiiing?" as I cast her into to the tank of sharks. The phlebotomist dropped the needle & raced to the tank. The SlowDeath kicked in & I

  • nvoluntaryMan Slater wasn't far behindiiind. As the dorsal fins converged on her point of entry and the phletobotomist rubbed his hands expectantly a familiar aqualine form emerged

  • from the icy blue depths to save her. It was Rob. "Rob? The heck are YOU gonna do about this?" Put off, he quickly departed and her perilous situation was left unchanged. The evil

  • ity of the situation touched her in such a way that she called after Rob & confessed unto him her inner most secret. "Rob," she said "I just can't jump your rail road gauge." by wh

  • at powers she could muster, screaming to the sky, she makes an announcement: "But the almighty sky wizards can!" And with that said, a giant hand picked up her and Rob and moved th

  • e pair of them into a giant white tower in the sky, where they used their magic to cleanse the Earth of fools and unholy heretics. At least, that's what she told the psychiatrist.



  1. SunsetMage Sep 21 2015 @ 11:10

    "The evility of the situation"

  2. Perronicus Sep 21 2015 @ 14:39

    Well, it should be a word, even if it isn't! Also I should say that "I just can't jump your rail road gauge." is a Dylan lyric..

  3. TheFishtoad Sep 21 2015 @ 22:09

    Oh, right. Heh, sorry about that. But you're right. 'Evility' does sound like an actual word.

  4. Perronicus Sep 22 2015 @ 03:03

    Hey I hope you're not saying sorry about the Dylan lyric thing... I wasn't trying to tell you or anything, I was giving credit. It's a pretty obscure lyric heehe :)

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