Paul locks his front door and heads to his

  • Paul locks his front door and heads to his 1998 rusted toyota camry when suddenly the civil defense siren began to sound. paul pausing with a confused look on his face looks up

  • into a 20,000 megaton nuclear warhead and is wiped from existence. At the Gates to Heaven, St. Peter greeted Paul warmly and then asked him to explain that one weekend in 1994 when

  • he had just a little bit too much flaming Bacardi 151 at the Tikki Bar. "Do you remember that fateful night?" St. Peter asked. All Paul could remember about it was the woman he was

  • waiting on had ordered a Zombie cocktail, and he had started sipping it while listening to St. Pete. Paul glanced toward her; she hadn't noticed. He topped off the glass with

  • whiskey, then slammed it down and walked over. "Hey there." He said. "I couldn't help but notice your zombie cocktail. You see, I'm a zombie." He raised a rotting eyebrow. She

  • thought, 'Well well. What an original pick up line.' and responded in kind. "I love your cologne. Is that Putrefaction?" The Zombie smiled revealing

  • Its hidden bulletproof vest. He carried Versace Bulletproof cologne. It smelled like, you guessed it. For the ex soldier and double agent, it was nothing. He did it in his sleep.

  • He drooled in this sleep. He farted in his sleep. He lived, fought, and died in his sleep. His bulletproof vest and cologne could not protect him from narcolepsy. But he was a damn

  • proud soldier of the United States Marine Corp. But his pride was overshadowed by the demons and nightmares of what he had done. Of what he had seen all those years ago.

  • With his therapist he worked through nightmares, fought demons, and tried to recover. Then he realized therapy had cost him everything. He sold his soul to his demons and moved on.



  1. sundancer Nov 17 2016 @ 00:45

    And that's how he ended up at the gates of Heaven and St. Peter wouldn't let him in!!!

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