Dark nights. That's all the Legion of Doom

  • Dark nights. That's all the Legion of Doom had on the calendar. They had opted to save energy by going to bed early and using natural lights. Bizarro Superman hated this because

  • he always flew to Alaska for his "special visits". With only 6 hours a day of daylight, how is he supposed to meet a girl, talk her into sleeping with him, and getting her

  • bank details before sunset. He would have to work quickly in Alaska, but the challenge only sharpened his senses and he could almost taste the dollars as he spotted his prey. She

  • was a teller-in-training and his bait and switch routine would work like clockwork on this rube. He confidently approached the awkward young lady and laid the deposit slip

  • on the counter. I would like change for a hundred he said. The teller-in training, smiled handing him 5, 20's. No I would need some fives he said, flipping 40 dollars at the

  • teller, but she noticed the switch. "Are you trying palm off forgeries?" "Why do you ask?" he stifled. "These are pink and have a bald gent with a top hat." "Um... their euros?"

  • she smirked at his inept attempt. She was a sucker for losers & passed back the fake money along with a post-it with her phone number and winked. He'd be the 3rd counterfeiter she

  • murdered that evening. Only she knew the truth, that the city was infested with counterfeiters. When he entered her apartment, she leapt at him with a knife and cut off his

  • supply of marshmallow peeps. What would Mark do now, without the delicious chick-shaped candy that he loved so much? He fell to his knees crying. Of course, she still had the knife

  • set Mark had bought her for Christmas: the stained-steel, As Seen on TV 10-piece Shappu 2000. She cut up jumbo marshmallows into the classic Peeps shape for him, and all was well.



  1. SlimWhitman Jun 07 2011 @ 22:14

    Nice save bb. Personally, I prefer Ginzu for cutting Peeps.

  2. Bad. Jun 08 2011 @ 08:39

    "These are pink and have a bald gent with a top hat." "Um... their euros?" Great line!

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