The stars burned out one at a time, then

  • The stars burned out one at a time, then in pairs, then in clumps. The night sky was going black and when the moon went out, Stella knew there was about eight minutes before

  • it was 2012. She had 8 minutes to live. She grabbed the person next to her and made out with gusto. The smell of lox, bagels, onions and cigar intoxicated her. She opened her eyes

  • thirty seconds later. Well, now what? She had 7.5 minutes until the world ended, for crying out loud! It wasn't nearly enough time to engage in her favorite hobby of

  • "squeeze-the-yak." No... 7 & a half minutes was just enough time to save the planet. Yak-squeezing would have to wait. She removed her lead spiked panties & folded them into

  • a blood clot projectile. With the roaring tiger at her bedside

  • she felt safe. Not her original choice, she had wanted a bear. Restrictions in her homeowners agreement prohibited bears, but said nothing about tigers. She wished she could

  • Take her Autistic aunt and drop her off at the cleaners and finally rid herself of the Goldfish and stop this insane 1 pet policy. Off with their heads she cried flushing away.

  • Its lotion rubbing days are over and when the shit hits the paper shredder its gonna be a masterpiece of literature from the bottom of the overgrown apes earlobe

  • when i say apes earlobe, im talking metaphorically of course. But metaphorically about what, i cannot recall as my memory is a distant memory of some other time altogether far away

  • .. then again, my mind was clouded by the pheromones eminating from my mate, soothing me; she pierced my thorax to lay a single egg. Sealing my fate as the first meal of our child.



  1. Davodd Feb 18 2011 @ 17:34

    There .. that's how I *should* end a fold.

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